Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two radio stations have been closed by both ASWJ and al-shabaab groups.

By Mohamed Odowa

Somali Journalists association Network condemns the arrest of two independent radio stations in central Somalia regions. SOJANET calls to the hard-line group, al-shabaab and its rival of Ahlu-Sunna Wajama to respect for the independent radio stations as well the freedom of speech.    

Location: Central Somalia:
In Dhusa-Mareb the capital city of Gal-gaduud region

Forces loyal to Sufi group or Ahlu Sunna wajama stormed, RADIO DHUSA-MAREB on Thursday.

The reason: the station released reports on rifts between Ahlu-Sunna groups.

Ahlu-sunna Waljama leaders in Gal-gaduud region have announced earlier this week that the group's leaders will hold a conference in Abud-Wag district in the gal-gaduud region.

For that many other Sufi groups defy to participate the scheduled meeting of ahlu-Sunna Waljama.

Then Dhusa-Mareb Radio Station covered the news on the infighting between the group’s leaders.

In Baladwayne, the capital city of Hiiran region

Al-shabaab insurgents closed of Radio Voice of Hiiran on Wednesday.
The reason:  al-shabaab has got angry in Islamic programs released nowadays by the Radio Voice of Hiiran, a journalist in Baladwayne told SOJANET via phone.

The program was all about the Islam and the suicides... or what does the Islamic religion says about that. Al-shabaab wants youths to be sacrificed their lives what they call for the sake of Allah. Al-shabaab believes that anyone who does suicide attack to be martyr and the program of Radio Voice Hiiran was opposite to that.

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