Friday, June 3, 2011

Somali journalists mourn fallen colleague in South Africa.

By Mohamed Odowa

06/03/2011---Gangs from South Africa continue killing Somalis who fled that country. Now an exiled Somali journalist has been reported to be killed in that country especially the city of Johannesburg.
The late colleague Sakariye Ibrahim (Saki) was gunned down by South African gangs in this week.
The gangs were trying to take a car which belongs to the Journalist Sakariye according to other Somali journalists who are living in South Africa.
Somali Journalists Association Network condemns the killing of the journalist Sakariye Ibrahim Saki and it shares sadness with other colleagues and his family. SOJANET calls on the South Africa police to find the gangs and bring them to justice for the killing of journalists and to protect Somalis in that country.
Scores of Somali journalists have sought refuge into the neighboring nations due to the insecurity in their border and the massive killings against journalists in Somalia.     

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