Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 Journalists were detained in Mogadishu by government forces.

By Mohamed Odowa

Somali Journalists association network has learned that National Security Agency for Somali government has detained two radio journalists in the capital city of Mogadishu.
Both arrestees Mohamed Amin Abukar and Ahmed Ali Kaahiye are working for the privately owned independent Radio Kulmiye Based in the capital Mogadishu.

Mohamed Amin was the first journalist who has been arrested on Monday by force loyal to government. The journalist was reporting on the ongoing demonstrations and it was at this time when National Security Agency has arrived in the scene arresting for ten people including the journalist Mohamed Amin after alleged those people to be organizers for the protesters.

On Tuesday, the National Security Agency has again arrested 20 people who were mainly students and included another Radio Kulmiye Journalist Ahmed Ali Kaahiye while he was doing on his duties to report on protesters in KM4 areas.

“We are questing Somali government to release our colleagues Ahmed Ali Kaahiye and Mohamed Amin Abukar unless the government has a reasonable accusations clear for their arrests”, said Director of Radio Kulmiye Osman Guure.
Two other freelance journalists were also reported arrested by the government force according to Radio Kulmiye journalist Ali Bashi Abdullahi.

Journalist Ali Bashi told SOJANET that he managed to survive from arrest as he was also covering on the protesters.
SOJANET condemns the detention of the Journalists and however calls on the Somali government to release the journalists without precondition and let them to report freely about the insight stories.

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