Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two radio stations have been closed by both ASWJ and al-shabaab groups.

By Mohamed Odowa

Somali Journalists association Network condemns the arrest of two independent radio stations in central Somalia regions. SOJANET calls to the hard-line group, al-shabaab and its rival of Ahlu-Sunna Wajama to respect for the independent radio stations as well the freedom of speech.    

Location: Central Somalia:
In Dhusa-Mareb the capital city of Gal-gaduud region

Forces loyal to Sufi group or Ahlu Sunna wajama stormed, RADIO DHUSA-MAREB on Thursday.

The reason: the station released reports on rifts between Ahlu-Sunna groups.

Ahlu-sunna Waljama leaders in Gal-gaduud region have announced earlier this week that the group's leaders will hold a conference in Abud-Wag district in the gal-gaduud region.

For that many other Sufi groups defy to participate the scheduled meeting of ahlu-Sunna Waljama.

Then Dhusa-Mareb Radio Station covered the news on the infighting between the group’s leaders.

In Baladwayne, the capital city of Hiiran region

Al-shabaab insurgents closed of Radio Voice of Hiiran on Wednesday.
The reason:  al-shabaab has got angry in Islamic programs released nowadays by the Radio Voice of Hiiran, a journalist in Baladwayne told SOJANET via phone.

The program was all about the Islam and the suicides... or what does the Islamic religion says about that. Al-shabaab wants youths to be sacrificed their lives what they call for the sake of Allah. Al-shabaab believes that anyone who does suicide attack to be martyr and the program of Radio Voice Hiiran was opposite to that.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 Journalists were detained in Mogadishu by government forces.

By Mohamed Odowa

Somali Journalists association network has learned that National Security Agency for Somali government has detained two radio journalists in the capital city of Mogadishu.
Both arrestees Mohamed Amin Abukar and Ahmed Ali Kaahiye are working for the privately owned independent Radio Kulmiye Based in the capital Mogadishu.

Mohamed Amin was the first journalist who has been arrested on Monday by force loyal to government. The journalist was reporting on the ongoing demonstrations and it was at this time when National Security Agency has arrived in the scene arresting for ten people including the journalist Mohamed Amin after alleged those people to be organizers for the protesters.

On Tuesday, the National Security Agency has again arrested 20 people who were mainly students and included another Radio Kulmiye Journalist Ahmed Ali Kaahiye while he was doing on his duties to report on protesters in KM4 areas.

“We are questing Somali government to release our colleagues Ahmed Ali Kaahiye and Mohamed Amin Abukar unless the government has a reasonable accusations clear for their arrests”, said Director of Radio Kulmiye Osman Guure.
Two other freelance journalists were also reported arrested by the government force according to Radio Kulmiye journalist Ali Bashi Abdullahi.

Journalist Ali Bashi told SOJANET that he managed to survive from arrest as he was also covering on the protesters.
SOJANET condemns the detention of the Journalists and however calls on the Somali government to release the journalists without precondition and let them to report freely about the insight stories.

Friday, June 3, 2011

"Daring to Report from Mogadishu"

"When I am away from the country, I feel that I am in exile, missing the most awful events and abuses targeting the innocent people," he explained. “All I want is to update my people's situation to the entire world and record the violations against the... Full Article at Somalia Report

Abukar Albadri
©Somalia Report
Abukar Albadri

Somali journalists mourn fallen colleague in South Africa.

By Mohamed Odowa

06/03/2011---Gangs from South Africa continue killing Somalis who fled that country. Now an exiled Somali journalist has been reported to be killed in that country especially the city of Johannesburg.
The late colleague Sakariye Ibrahim (Saki) was gunned down by South African gangs in this week.
The gangs were trying to take a car which belongs to the Journalist Sakariye according to other Somali journalists who are living in South Africa.
Somali Journalists Association Network condemns the killing of the journalist Sakariye Ibrahim Saki and it shares sadness with other colleagues and his family. SOJANET calls on the South Africa police to find the gangs and bring them to justice for the killing of journalists and to protect Somalis in that country.
Scores of Somali journalists have sought refuge into the neighboring nations due to the insecurity in their border and the massive killings against journalists in Somalia.     

SOJANET members. Kampala, Uganda.