Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Somali colleague lost his right leg for surgery

By Mohamed Odowa

Somali Journalists Association Network concerns about the condition and the disheartening as well disappointments facing to the Somali Colleague Hassan Mohamed Mohamud known as Hassan- Jaeyl who is also a popular poetry after his right leg was cut due to the
diabetic that contributes to the reduction in defense against bacterial infection. Sugar also causes a loss of tissue elasticity and other serious diseases.

Well known Somali journalists including Ali Muse Abdi, AFP correspondent, C.Risak Hagi Atoosh, BBC Reporter, Zahra Abdi Ahmed VOA and Reuter’s correspondent, Mohamed Garane Aadan Irin Radio reporter and Mohamed Osman Newyork all have expressed their hospitality to arrange contributions from other colleagues to hospitalize Hassan, the Victim who was in South B Hospital inside Nairobi, Kenya.

The contribution made the surgery operation to be done, but this also left Hassan with frustration for his future.

"We need to help each other instead of asking other people for help, we can do a lot more about this to solve our internal problems to contribute one another when such matters come to our colleagues”, said Journalists

"Some individuals collect a huge funds/ donations with the name of Somali journalists from the outside donors while doing nothing for needed Somali journalists, but are corrupted", continued journalists.
Attending visitors were among the Somali parliament member Awad Ahmed Hasharo and CPJ’s East Africa consultant, based in Nairobi Tom Rhodes.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

In Mogadishu, Journalists get hard news with risks.

By Mohamed Odowa

Somali journalists venture out in visiting Mogadishu’s war zones where AU force along with government soldiers launched an offensive against the hard-line group of Al- shabaab insurgents, Somalia’s extremist Islamists that controls swathes of the country

The journalists have been visiting in some parties of Mogadishu like Hodan and H/wadag districts where too much fighting continues these days. “I am really telling that Somali journalists are still working hard for their nation, but sorry most of them don’t get thanks let alone protection”, said a Somali civil society member Abduhab Mohammed Ali.    
Somali Journalists Association Network, a small organization defends and speaks for journalists and freedom of expression had striven joining a group of Somali journalists who covered the facts over the battle areas in Mogadishu which parties of it became like a frost place.
SOJANET aims at this coverage which was done on 14, May 2011 by Mohammed Odowa to provide the facts behind the danger which might happen to those journalists while filling the ongoing war stories said SOJANET chairman Omar Nur Gutale. Readers can learn the above exclusive photos on how journalists deal with Mogadishu’s war.
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Mogadishu, Office  

Friday, May 6, 2011

"FESOJ launches its Website"

Federation of Somali Journalists-FESOJ launches its Website and here is clickable for everyone interested in visiting it.  

Somali Journalists Association Network-SOJANET pleased at this launch and thanks to all colleagues for the effort to start the website.

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SOJANET members. Kampala, Uganda.