Saturday, July 2, 2011

Puntland court sentenced local reporter to one year in jail

By Mohamed Odowa

Somali Journalists Association Network has learned that Puntland court in the Bosaso the capital of Bari region sentenced a local reporter to one year in jail, local journalist told SOJANET via phone.

The verdict of the court was announced Saturday by the judger Sheikh Adan Aw-Ahmed after alleged the journalist Feisal Mohamed Hassan for false information on the Puntland’s administration.

Feisal Mohamed Hassan who writes for Hiiraan website had been arrested last Thursday. His lawyer was trying to appeal for him before the decision of the sentence was made , but that was denied by the court judger.

Somali Journalists Association Network believes that Puntland leaders seemingly to be opposed with the independent journalists in the region.  “In the recent days the administration of Puntland violated to the basic standards of fairness”. “They previously charged some local independent journalists with the same case of this journalist Feisal Mohamed Hassan”. The order against the journalist must be revealed and revised soon by the Puntland court", said SOJANET.

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