Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two radio journalists were detained in Mogadishu.

A local reporter who spoke on condition of anonymity told SOJANET that soldiers loyal to Somali government were involved to the arrest of journalists which took place on Sunday, March, 27,2011.

Abdi Mohamed Ismael the editor of the independently owned Radio Shabelle and the stations director Abdi Omar Qase were detained by the Somalia's intelligence unit of force. The journalists were taken to the Central Investigations Department by intelligence officers.

It is not yet clear why the Somali Government arrested the journalists?. But the fast breaking news said the Somali Intelligence Unit are asking both arrested journalists with questions on a report released by the Shabelle Radio last week that heavy fighting between al-Qaida inspired Somali terrorist" group Al Shabaab and government troops with help of AU peacekeeping force in Mogadishu has later prevented Somalia's president for visting the front line to talk to soldiers who were fighting with Al shabaab fighters.

The Somali Journalists Association Network however condemns with the strongest words for the arrest of these two colleagues, "we are calling Somali government to release the detained journalists and be kind of journalists since journalists in the country are the only source of this conflict", SOJANET said on Sunday.

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