Thursday, March 31, 2011

Somalia government released two journalists

The Somalia's government has released two national journalists who are working for an independent Shabelle Radio after 4 days in detention the managers of the station said in a statement released on Wednesday afternoon.

The colleagues Abdirashid Omar Qase the director of radio shabelle and his news editor Abdi Mohamed Ismail are now free after four days of illegal detention by the National Security Agency without given an official reason for that.

The government accused Shabelle Radio on a report which stated that President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has been unable to visit to the fronline areas, after repel groups were push out by the Somali forces with help of AU peacekeeping force in Mogadishu.

The release comes amid another local reporter of radio Simba was wounded by stray bullet while he was covering from a soccer match in Mogadishu on Tuesday. The condition of the journalist Ahmed Hassan Ahmed is said to be worried.

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