Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reuter’s cameraman puts hands of Shabab in Mogadishu.

Mogadishu-- al- Qaeda inspired Somali terrorist group Al shabab has detained a prominent Somali photographer working for Reuters News Agency without given reason.

Journalist Abdi Dhagane Eye, Abdi Yare was taken a hostage with his Video-camera by shabab members in, 19 February, 2011.  

The perpetrators assigned several media workers included journalist Abdi Dhagane to cover from food distribution in the areas of Karan district in northern Mogadishu.

The food distribution was said to be prepared by al shabab themselves, but later that as the journalists reached at the scene shabab gunmen immediately caught journalist Abdi Dhagane targeting with his car as well as his camera, local journalist told SOJANET.

It is still unconfirmed why the reason behind this was. Al shabab had not yet spoken about the detention of journalist Abdi Dhagane.

As SOJANET condemns Al shabaab perpetrators for the arrest of journalist Abdi Dhagane Eye and worrying for his situation, "we however call Al shabab to release the journalist without preconditions and let journalists to move freely for their duties on reporting the news on the ground”. Said SOJANET secretary General Mohammed Odowa. 
In Somalia, scores of journalists have been killed and dozens have been wounded, tortured and arrested. All work under oppressive censorship.

Source: SOJANET,

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